About US
About US

  Fond Chemical Co.Ltd, headquartered in Wuxi,China, is an innovator,manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals serving pharmaceutical and chemical industry worldwide through a customer-driven approach.

  The company engage in sourcing and custom synthesis for R&D and commercial production support. The comprehensive products include Fine Chemicals, APIs, Intermediates, Cosmetic material and Lab instruments. Especially the R&D-Pilot site in Wuhan Jinggong Science & Technology Park can provide grams to kilograms customized products.

  Base on the more than decade hands-on experience, the strong technical and sales team successfully serve the market of Euro, US, East Asia and principals like Sigma-Aldrich, Sanofi-Aventis, Apollo Scientific. High quality products, just in time delivery and extensive service honour FondChemical as a valuable solution in China.

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